Bubble Wall

Bubble Wall

Original and different events with the Bubble Wall, an amazing “shower” of bubbles!!

A corporate event, whether a formal meeting as a recreational activity as a prize or incentive, you must provide a unique experience to attendees. Thus, memories linger, increasing its effectiveness and helping to achieve the objectives for which has been organized.

Impact, creativity and innovation should be the concepts we should not lose sight of when we organize an event, trying to get away from traditional formats and standardization.

We propose a different idea through our “Bubble Wall” consisting generate thousands bubble cannon professionals bubbles.

We provide everything you need:

  • Shelves
  • Professional bubble machines
  • Qualified support staff
  • Soap solution

Contact us if you want more information and budget.


Bubble Wall

Ideal for
-Corporate events
-Product presentation
-Street marketing
-Road Show and fairs
-Dinner Themes and entertainment
-Communication campaigns

Outdoor installation (squares, parks and gardens, etc.) is recommended but it can also be installed indoors (shopping centers, exhibition centers, etc.) if space allows to do it.
Bubble Wall

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Soap bubbles

This site provides information about the art of giant soap bubbles and their applications for parties, shows, events and whether recreational, educational or promotional purposes. From animation workshops, including indoor shows can always surprised by large and small bubbles giants, thanks to our magic soap formula of Dr. Bubbles.