Bubble cube – Rent for events

Living in a bubble, an unforgettable experience!

Let your guests, customers, employees and yourself involved in this experience so special and different.

If the purpose of your event is the trade promotion, incentive to customers or employees, or even to raise funds for a charitable action, Bubble Cube is the perfect attraction for rent.

We will provide it all:

  • Mobile Studio 3 x 3 x 3 meters
  • Giant Ring to put participants in a giant bubble
  • Bubbles giant soap solution
  • Qualified staff support

Contact us if you need more information and forecast.

Mobile Photo Studio (optional):

The activity is high-impact and can optionally be accompanied by a professional photographic service for custom sponsor for post-production photographs and delivery in digital (DVD).

Bubble Cube

Ideal for Festivals, corporate events, product launches, Conferences, Exhibitions …

It can be installed inside (malls, fairgrounds, etc..) or outside (squares, parks and gardens, etc.).

Despite using liquid Bubble CLEAN Cube is an attraction. The bubble is very thin and the amount of liquid used is very limited. The bubble burst not bother the participants!

Bubble Cube is an aluminum truss structure 3 x 3 x 3 meters designed to offer a unique activity, of getting inside a giant soap bubble and know the feeling of being surrounded by something so beautiful and fragile.

These dimensions are large enough external and internal walls of the cube can be covered with advertising in order to become a powerful advertisement for any comercial action.

And, remember, your guests can optionally be shocking photographs like this, customized with the logo of the sponsor!

Bubble cube

Soap bubbles

This site provides information about the art of giant soap bubbles and their applications for parties, shows, events and whether recreational, educational or promotional purposes. From animation workshops, including indoor shows can always surprised by large and small bubbles giants, thanks to our magic soap formula of Dr. Bubbles.