Let’s pop bubbles!

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All children love to run behind bubbles and to “pop” them

After more than five years of experience making bubbles in many places and countries we have seen that it is impossible to make a giant bubble around a child and last longer than 2 seconds. It is inevitable that they pop it!

We always start our parties making clouds of giant bubbles (have a look at here ) for kids (and adults as well) run behind them and pop. So, I assure you that we can have they doing this more than 30 min.! In this way they get their nerves, break the ice and … start the party.

But you can also pop bubbles in the virtual environment. There are plenty of online games with bubbles. We like one specially. It’s called Touch the Bubbles and is a very simple game.

Just exploit all bubbles on the screen. At the start of each level you can see where they are located and what are the obstacles that you will encounter (narrow steps, spikes, walls that change dimension, etc..). As more bubbles you pop more points you get.

Let’s start to play!

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