Tricks to make soap bubbles

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Remove and not shake it! The foam, a great enemy of bubbles!

Soap formula for a giant bubbles

In all our events and parties we are especially careful not to form foam containers to make bubbles.

Our instructors spend part of their time to teach participants to not stir the soap solution to avoid foaming and remove it if that happens, because the foam prevents us from making bubbles GIANTS!

We have found that this is not just our hobby:

According to article published in La Vanguardia and in 2009, the great expert on giant bubbles Pep Bou recommended avoiding excess foam and teached us how to make soap for giant bubbles: “… the ingredient is water predominates. The ratio of soap to be added is 10%. If you take, for example, a one-liter jug of water that is taken into the home kitchen, the amount of soap you need to add is only 10 cl. Mix the two ingredients well and if it has become foam on the surface, is removed with a small spatula.With this preparation are achieved amazing results!

Espuma para peinados

Anyway, I must say that the foam sometimes we passed very funny moments! We use it to make fantastic hairstyles!

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