Family partiesFor many people the baptism are very family parties, few guests and a very intimate celebration. By contrast, for many is a very special occasion to organize a multitudinary party. Whatever your case, soap bubbles are a good alternative for a different and original event, where all the guests, from the children to the family, may participate.

Our Bubble professionals will entertain children and youth by providing parents peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the party.

Everyone likes bubbles … but the experience of making over 3 meters or get inside a giant bubble will not soon forget.

Services for an original and fun baptism:

Giant cloud of bubbles

Animation workshop with bubbles to entertain

Put your guests in a giant bubble

Bubbles professional machine

Contact us and gives a magical touch to your baptisms with giant soap bubbles!

Soap bubbles

This site provides information about the art of giant soap bubbles and their applications for parties, shows, events and whether recreational, educational or promotional purposes. From animation workshops, including indoor shows can always surprised by large and small bubbles giants, thanks to our magic soap formula of Dr. Bubbles.