Academic Events

Throughout the course A.M.P.A. activities be organized in collaboration with the Centre, in order to supplement the curriculum of students.

Whether for cultural activities or leisure and events coinciding with various commemorations (Christmas, Carnival, Open doors, End of course parties) the Soap Bubbles are the best alternative.

The workshops not only allow bubbles to mix students of all ages, but also family!

If you are from the AMPA, please contact us and we will a proposal tailored to your requirements.

Available services:

  1. Giant cloud of bubbles
  2. Animation workshop with bubbles to entertain
  3. Put your guests in a giant bubble
  4. Bubble Cannon professional

You can complete this activity with other outdoor activities.

Educational activities

Soap bubbles

This site provides information about the art of giant soap bubbles and their applications for parties, shows, events and whether recreational, educational or promotional purposes. From animation workshops, including indoor shows can always surprised by large and small bubbles giants, thanks to our magic soap formula of Dr. Bubbles.