Advertising with bubbles

The giant soap bubbles are always a fresh, original and surprising.

The giant bubbles always get arouse interest and curiosity through a unique experience that reminds us of our childhood and we generated a smile to all.

If we link our company or products get get a positive brand recognition and differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Conducting bubbles can become a considerable challenge depending on weather conditions and other factors.

Thesoap bubbles formula we use, as well as our experience and professionalism, allow counteract some of these risks.

Contact us and we’ll fill your advertising with magic giant soap bubbles! We adapt to your space!

Services available include:

we are part of Barcelona Film Commission business directory
Barcelona Bubble Events partners with Barcelona Film Commission.


Ad baby carriage EasyWalker –
Advertising spot for FESOCE – Federación Española de Sordoceguera (see advertising HERE)
Advertising spot for REALE – Insurance company
Advertising fotograph for a Teleco company (see image below)
Advertising spot for Vodafone with Filmmaster (see ad HERE)

Soap bubbles

This site provides information about the art of giant soap bubbles and their applications for parties, shows, events and whether recreational, educational or promotional purposes. From animation workshops, including indoor shows can always surprised by large and small bubbles giants, thanks to our magic soap formula of Dr. Bubbles.